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Study results: Pricing Software Implementation

The first results of our study on pricing software have arrived and show:

1. The usage and implementation of pricing software is a relevant topic for many companies: Almost half of the participating companies already use pricing software and another 30% of them plan the implementation within the next two years.

2. Companies expect significant positive impacts on profitability and process efficiency from the introduction of a pricing software. As companies want to evaluate software offers against various commercial and functional aspects, keeping the selection process effective and efficient becomes a challenge.

3. Companies that have already implemented a pricing software show generally high levels of satisfaction with the solution and the implementation. They underscore the importance of a clear understanding of their own requirements and a structured change management for the overall success – even if that may require additional external support for some time.

EbelHofer Consultants helps companies improve their price management and derive pricing software requirements, select the right software solution and proactively manage the organizational change.


Pricing Software 1  Pricing Software 2  Pricing Software 3


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